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Housing Counseling

  • How can I be sure it is a fair loan?
  • What about my budget?
  • How do I qualify with a lender?
  • How can I be sure I can keep and maintain my home?
  • How much can I afford?
  • What homes are available?
  • How much money is needed for a down payment?
  • How much money is needed for closing costs?

Let us help you find the answers to all these questions and more!!

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development approves this housing counseling agency to provide:

  • Homebuyer Education
  • Credit Counseling
  • Budget Counseling
  • Foreclosure Counseling
  • Fair Housing Assistance
  • Loss Mitigation
  • Pre-purchase Counseling
  • Post-purchase Counseling
  • Predatory Lending
  • Renters Assistance

The Jonesboro Housing Authority has decided to temporarily suspend the offering of housing counseling services. If you need any help with owning a home or credit help please refer to HUD’s approved housing counseling agencies list. HUD Approved Housing Counseling Agencies