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Tenant Charges

Security Deposits (Refundable less damages or unpaid rent)

Public Housing 1 Bedroom                                                                 $150

Public Housing 2 Bedroom                                                                 $200

Public Housing 3 Bedroom                                                                 $225

Public Housing 4 Bedroom                                                                 $250

Sunset Gardens                                                                                  1 month rent

Craighead Place                                                                                 $660


0-1 Bedroom (3.5 rooms – 4 hours labor + 2 gal. paint):$90.00
2 Bedroom (4.5 rooms – 4 hours labor + 3 gal. paint):$150.00
3 Bedroom (5.5 rooms – 8 hours labor + 4 gal. paint):$180.00
4 Bedroom (6.5 rooms – 9 hours labor + 5 gal. paint):$210.00
Per room interior walls$27.00
Per room ceiling paint$27.00


Lock-out during office hours:$5.00
Lock-out after office hours Weekends or holidays:$25.00
Seasonal Mowing (May-Sept.)$5.00 per month
Pick-up and haul outside trash [after move-out]$25.00
Refrigerator Cleaning$20.00
Hauling to dump (interior after move-out or exterior while occupied):$25.00
Sewage Stop-up (Commode):$15.00 per hour + Actual Material Costs
Sewage Stop-up (Sink):$15.00  per hour + Actual Material Costs
Per room floor charge$25.00
Range cleaning$25.00
Bathroom cleaning$30.00
Lock-out NOT during office hours:$25.00
Non-emergency service call NOT during office hours:$25.00
Floors (0-1 bedroom):$25.00
Floors (2 bedroom):$50.00
Floors (3 bedroom):$75.00
Floors (4 bedroom):$100.00
Plumbing service callsActual cost


Closet latch set:$5.00
Door stop:$3.00
Replacement keys:$5.00
Lock re-keying$10.00
Window screens (screen only):$8.00
Interior door knobs (no lock):$18.00
Bathroom door knob set (with lock):$18.00
Window screen replacement with frame:$15.00
Security screen replacement:$25.00
All exterior doors:Actual cost
All interior doors:Actual cost
Sunset Gardens Storm door:Actual cost
Exterior dead bolt lock set:Actual cost
Screen door handles or latch:Actual cost
Window glass:Actual cost


Range drip/reflector pan:$5.00 each
Stove rings:$5.00
Vent hood filter:$10.00
Range cleaning$25.00
Refrigerator parts & repair:Actual cost
Vent hood:Actual cost
Replacement charge formula:Cost minus 1/15 depreciation for each year used (if under 15 years)
Example: Cost = $330.00
Used for 5 years
$330.00 ÷ 15 = $22.00
$22.00 * 5 = $110.00
$330.00 – $110.00 = Replacement cost
Replacement = $220.00


Regular light bulb:$2.00
Light globe cover (interior):$10.00
Fluorescent light bulb:$4.00
Porch light fixture:$15.00
Interior light fixture:$40.00
Exterior Security fixture/bulb:Actual cost
Fluorescent fixtureActual cost


Rubber bathroom sink stopper:$2.00
Kitchen sink stopper (drain catcher):$8.00
Rubber bathtub stopper:$3.00
Toilet tissue spool roller only:$4.00
Shower rod:$10.00
Shower head:$15.00
Soap dish:$10.00
Toilet tissue holder:$10.00
Toilet seat:$20.00
Towel bar:$15.00
Toilet tank & bowl (sold separately):Actual cost
Toilet tank lid:Actual cost


Floor tiles:$2.00 each square
Receptacle covers:$4.00
Closet bar rod:$15.00
Smoke detector:$30.00
*Replacement of smoke alarm due to tenant destruction will also result in a $15.00 service call fee, making the total tenant charge for smoke alarm replacement due to destruction $30.00
Cabinets:Actual cost
Counter top:Actual cost
Thermostat:Actual cost
Thermostat cover:Actual cost