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What are the benefits of PAT?

Each local PAT Program is staffed by a professionally trained and degreed  early childhood coordinator and a team of well-trained Homebased Educators. Together they work with you to schedule a time that is most convenient for your home visit.

Your Homebased Educator will come to your home to deliver the “free”

PAT curriculum each week over a period of thirty (30) weeks. In addition to the above benefits, PAT also provides an opportunity for parents to. . . .

*         Attend well-planned parent group meetings

*         Meet parents of other young children in your area

*         Teach their own child and understand what activities can be taught to help children develop important developmentally appropriate skills

*         Improve parenting skills and knowledge on a variety of child-rearing topics

*         Stay at home and still provide quality education services to your own child with few barriers

*         Social interaction opportunities for children

*         Immediate affiliation with local school districts

*         Latest information on child growth and development