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COVID-19 Policies

The Jonesboro Urban Renewal & Housing Authority (JURHA) is monitoring the current viral outbreak formally known as the Coronavirus, now known as the CoVid 19.  This is a constantly changing situation that we are taking very seriously.  We have developed a Response Plan in the event this health crisis impact delivery of services to the residents and participants of our housing programs. 

COVID-19 Vaccination & Wellness Clinic – Thursday October 21, 2021 at the Jonesboro Housing Authority. Make an appointment now!

Clínica de Bienestar y Vacunación COVID-19 – Jueves 21 de octubre de 2021 en Jonesboro Housing Authority. ¡Concierte una cita ahora!

Information concerning the virus that can be found at the following websites:

The Center for Disease Control:

The Arkansas Center for Disease Control:

The World Health Organization:

The National Institutes of Health:

We should be cautious and take prudent measures to protect ourselves, our families, our residents and those that we work with every day; therefore, the following guidance will be followed so that JURHA can continue to provide services while also being cautious and respectful of this very serious health threat facing our community.  The goal is to limit exposure to the virus amongst our employees and residents as well as prevent further spread of the virus.

Effective March 23, 2020 at 8:00AM, the office will be closed to the public.  Business will continue to be conducted via phone and email.  The lobby will be open to pick up forms from a rack or and a drop-off box to return forms. 


Housing Choice Voucher Program

Due to the COVID-19 Federal Emergency the Housing Authority Employees will not be conducting in-person interviews.  The lobby will be opened where you can pick up forms to report income changes, 30-day notice, port out requests, annual recertification, waiting list applications,  and Landlord paperwork.  In order to comply with social distancing requirements forms cannot be completed in the office.  You can drop off forms in our lobby in the “drop off box” or in a mail slot located outside our building to the right of the window by the section 8 receptionist.   Forms can also be mailed to the Jonesboro Housing Authority at 330 Union Jonesboro, AR 72401.

ALL APPOINTMENTS HAVE BEEN CANCELLED.  Annual recertification packets that have been mailed to you should be completed and can be placed in a “drop off box”.  Also, Landlord Paperwork will also need to be dropped in the “drop off box”.    Please make sure a working phone number is listed as staff may need to contact to do an interview over the phone.   INCOMPLETE PAPERWORK OR IF WE CAN NOT CONTACT YOU BY PHONE WILL DELAY THE PROCESS! 

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ALL APPLICATION UPDATE APPOINTMENT ARE CANCELLED.   You can pick up an Application update packet to complete and return to our office.  Waiting list application should be place in the “drop off box”.

Briefings will be conducted by Zoom or on conference calls. 

If you have social security cards, birth certificates, ID cards, leases etc. that need to be copied the HCV Receptionist will make copies for you and return the originals to you.  Do not place these items in the “drop off box”.

Back rent payments will be taken at the window.

Public Housing

In the lobby you will be able to pick up forms from the Public Housing Secretary to report income changes, household occupancy changes and 30-day notices to move out.  Applicants can pick up  waiting list applications from the wall holders. You can also go to our website to find forms under the COVID-19 Policies or you can request the forms to be emailed to you.   Participants will continue to be mailed out annual recertification forms.   All forms must be returned to Public Housing through the Public Housing Window.  If the lobby is locked, you may use the slot located on the outside of the building.  Please be sure to include a good working phone number and email address so that we can contact you if you use the drop box for papers. You will be contacted by JURHA staff for a review of your request and you will be able to ask questions during the interview.  Forms can also be mailed to the Jonesboro Housing Authority at 330 Union Jonesboro, AR 72401.

The Public Housing secretary will be available to make copies and take information requested by JURHA staff.  Tenants my also sign new lease documents so that we can continue to process new tenancies. 

The Public Housing secretary will continue to mail annual examination notices documents.  It is important that you bring the completed documents into the office at your scheduled time.  This will allow us to maintain recommended social distancing and make the drop off and required signatures more efficient for you.

The lease up specialist will continue to send offer letters and  will provide you with necessary forms to sign for us to determine eligibility.  You may sign and return them to the Public Housing Window in the lobby. 

Important Information:

Housing Choice Voucher Forms: Additional forms available in the Housing Authorities Lobby

Public Housing Forms:

The PDF forms on this site require PDF Viewing Software. Most web browsers will work, ie: Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari & Edge. However we recommend Adobe Reader which you can find here: Adobe Reader

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