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The PHA Plan is a comprehensive guide to public housing agency (PHA) policies, programs, operations, and strategies for meeting local housing needs and goals. There are two parts to the PHA Plan: the 5-Year Plan, which each PHA submits to HUD once every 5th PHA fiscal year, and the Annual Plan, which is submitted to HUD every year by non-qualified agencies.

• A Five-Year Plan that describes the mission of the PHA, its long term goals, and quantifiable objectives for achieving the mission,

• An Annual Plan that provides details about the PHA’s participants, programs and services, and its strategy for addressing operational concerns, residents’ needs, programs, and services for the upcoming fiscal year.

2024 Annual Plan

2024 Annual Plan Progress Plan

2023 Five-Year Capital Fund Action Plan

2024 – 2028 CFP Revised Worksheet

Public Housing 2024 Housing Deconcentration Statement

Invitation to Public Hearing at the Jonesboro Housing Authority at 330 Union on Tuesday, December 19, 2023 at 4:00 p.m.