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The Jonesboro Housing Authority accepts employment applications or resume's daily. All employment applications received are placed in a pending application file according to qualification and updated quarterly. To expedite the hiring process, all applications in the pending file will be notified when a position is available. All job openings will be filled by either qualified JURHA staff or applicants from the pending application file. If the position(s) cannot be filled with a qualified JURHA staff person or a qualified applicant from the pending application file, the position(s) will be advertised on the JURHA website, in the Jonesboro Sun, or on the Jonesboro Jobs website.

We are an Equal Opportunity & Drug Free Workplace!

All qualified applicants will receive due consideration for employment without regard to race, age, religion, sex, color, national origin, disabled status, familial status, or sexual orientation. Qualified disabled persons shall not, on the basis of their disability, be subjected to discrimination in employment.

Applications/Resume's will be accepted at the Jonesboro Housing Authority, 330 Union Av., Jonesboro, Arkansas 72401. Applications/Resume's are also accepted via email to Sharon Poe, Executive Director.

Phone calls will NOT be accepted. All applications received and on-file will be reviewed and only qualified person(s) will be contacted for an interview.

All applicants are required to fill out an application (PDF Format only).