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The Public Housing Rules and Regulations can be found in your move-in packet.  We offer the Move In and Move Out Rules below  to help you keep track of the things you must do before you move.


1.    First, you must pay the required SECURITY DEPOSIT. This must be done in order to hold the apartment for you. You will be given a date at which this must be done by.  Security Deposits are:

Public Housing 1 Bedroom$150
Public Housing 2 Bedroom$200
Public Housing 3 Bedroom$225
Public Housing 4 Bedroom$250
Woodland Courts$150
Jonesboro Sunset GardensOne Month Rent
Craighead Place$660

2.    The following verifications need to be returned to our office no later than the specified date. We must have these by that date in order to get your file figured.

1.    Favorable Criminal Record

2.    CWL Proof of Electricity in YOUR NAME

3.    Centerpoint Energy Proof of Gas in YOUR NAME

4.    Last 6 months bank statement or Proof of debit card balance (receipt from ATM)

5.    Social Security Card

6.    Birth Certificate

7.    Employment Verification

8.    Landlord Reference

9.    OTHER (We will inform you of any other information we need.)

10. Proof of Income from ALL income sources

3.    You must make arrangements with the utility companies to have utilities put into your name before you come for your move-in appointment. The security deposit required by CWL is $150.00 for an all-electric unit (Cayman Villa and Woodland Court). The security deposit required by CWL is $100.00 for an electric and gas unit. For Centerpoint Energy (Gas company), there is usually a $75.00 deposit, unless a person has a bad payment history with them. It could be greater. The above deposits are the deposits for persons who have never had utilities in their name. If you have had utilities in your name, the payment will be more/less, depending on your past payment record with the utility company. Check with the utility companies to find out exactly what deposits that you would have to pay. Remember, you must have made arrangements to have the utilities turned on in your name before you come for your move-in appointment. You must bring us a receipt showing that you have done this.

4.    We will do our best to schedule your move-in appointment at a time that is convenient for you. You will need to come to our office at 330 Union for this appointment. At that time, you will need to sign the necessary papers. All adults over the age of 18 living in the apartment must sign the papers. If you have not already inspected the ready apartment with a housing authority staff member, you will be required to meet one of our employees at the apartment to do an inspection. You will not be given the keys to the apartment until the inspection is complete and all papers are signed. You should allow an hour for the move-in process. It is very important that you be on time for this appointment as we may have others scheduled. If, for some reason, you decide not to move in, please call us as soon as possible.

5.    Your new address will be given to you. If you have any questions, please call us at (870) 336-9618.

I understand that before moving in, I must:

1.    Have a favorable criminal record for each adult over age 18.

2.    Have a favorable landlord reference for the past five years.

3.    Pay security deposit.

4.    Pay move-in rent, if applicable.

5.    Have utilities turned on in tenant’s name.


The tenant may terminate this Agreement at the end of the initial term or any successive term by giving a 30 day written notice in advance to the Public Housing Department.  Notice to the Resident Manager will NOT be adequate.  Written notice stating date of planned move out and forwarding address must be submitted to the Public Housing Department at 330 Union, Jonesboro AR 72401.

We charge rent for each day after the last day of the month until the keys to the apartment are turned in.  You should plan to have all items moved out and your cleaning complete by then if you wish the rent to stop at that time.  You should make arrangements regarding the date you will complete the move.  You will be responsible for the charges of not turning in both door keys to your unit. The charge will be $40.00, which covers two door keys and three new locks, due to the fact that we have to change the locks on both front and back door and storage room door if you do not turn in both door keys.

You are not permitted to drive on the lawns to move in or out.  Please take your furniture to and from the apartment from the nearest parking area.  You will be charged for making any ruts in the lawn, if you fail to abide by this rule.  Charges are made at $15.00 per hour labor in addition to the cost of dirt and sod needed to repair the lawn. 

The apartment should be left clean.  We charge for any cleaning that is necessary after the tenant moves.  In the event the cost of cleaning exceeds the amount of the deposit, you are liable to us for the balance of the cleaning costs.  Tenant Charges are posted in our lobby and on the website.    Tenant Charges are included in your move in packet.

If the following items are not cleaned as specified below, we use a contract cleaner in order to help facilitate the use of our maintenance staff.  Contract cleaning charges are:

                1 Bedroom          $110

                2 Bedroom          $120

                3 Bedroom          $250

                4 Bedroom          $175

                Craighead Place $190

                Sunset Gardens $190

The following items of cleaning are required.

                1.            Floors:                  All floors should be thoroughly cleaned removing any marks and stains.  If you have installed any carpeting, you are expected to remove the adhesive and restore the tile to the original finish.   Some of these adhesives require extensive time to restore; therefore, you should expect to remove and clean these and restore the tiles; or be prepared to pay extra cleaning charges for this service.

                2.            Walls:                    Remove all nails from the walls.  If you have placed wallpaper or other adhesives to the walls, you are expected to remove the paper and restore the wall to the original finish, including any charges by JURHA for repainting the wall if necessary.

                3.            Range:                  Clean the range including top burners and pans, under top burners, oven, broiler, remove any oven cleaner residue.

                4.            Refrigerator:      Clean the inside, wash top and outside, move out and clean underneath.

                5.            Kitchen:                Wash and clean all fixtures.  Cabinets should be emptied and cleaned.  Remove all shelf paper.

                6.            Bathroom:                          Wash and clean all fixtures.

                7.            Closets:                Should be emptied and cleaned.  Remove any shelf paper.

                8.            Windows:                            Wash all windows.  Leave all curtain rods and shades.

                9.            Storage areas

                                and porch:                These areas should be left free of all trash and debris.

                10.          Lawns:                  The lawn should be left in neat condition, having been recently mowed and all trash picked up.

Do not remove items permanently attached to the building.  Replace all missing or burned out light bulbs; these were furnished.  We charge to replace them. A charge is made for any damage to the unit; broken floor tiles, windows, torn screens, etc. If you have any questions, please contact the office at 870-336-9618.