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What is PAT?

The Parents as Teachers curriculum and methodology of teaching is based on the thought that parents are their child’s first and foremost teacher.  The curriculum along with the guidance of a highly trained home visitor that guides and assists in reflection of the lessons presented serve to support and propel the child/family toward eventual school readiness. 

Parents, YOU are the KEY to your child’s education.

Parents, you have what it takes to make a meaningful and lasting difference in your child’s life. You have the gift of TIME. Spend it wisely, spend it with your child.

Spending fifteen (15) minutes each day with your child will make a difference in how well your child performs in school when he/she enters kindergarten. To help you help your child develop important lifelong learning skills, we recommend the Parents as Teachers program (PAT).  We would be honored that you would choose our program as your education partner beginning at birth and continuing through to kindergarten.