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What is HIPPY?

The Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters Program (HIPPY) began in 1969 at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Isreal by Dr. Avima Lombard and a team of early childhood educators. In 1984, the first HIPPY programs began in the United States and Arkansas joined the network of HIPPY programs in 1986.

HIPPY is a 30 week homebased early childhood education readiness program for parents of three, four, and five year old children. Using the age and developmentally appropriate HIPPY curriculum, Homebased Educators work one-on-one with parents in their home or in parent group meetings showing how to teach the HIPPY curriculum to their young child.

Parents, YOU are the KEY to your childs education.

Parents, you have what it takes to make a meaningful and lasting difference in your child's life. You have the gift of TIME. Spend it wisely, spend it with your child.

Spending fifteen (15) minutes each day with your child will make a difference in how well your child performs in school when he/she enters kindergarten. To help you help your child develop important lifelong learning skills, we recommend the Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters Program (HIPPY).